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Why plastic instead of paper?

Why Plastic Instead of Paper?
Plastic has been used in various forms and products as the manufacturing plants began to learn to use plastics in so many forms so many years ago. Around the world, plastics were highly thought of as a ‘way’ to save our forests and save our trees, but all too often, these plastic bags are ending up in landfills. 

Many of us loved the ideas and thoughts behind the plastic bag; we are able to use the plastic bag to carry products that are heavier and with more ease with out the bag breaking. Paper bags are rarely used in the largest of grocery stores any more but plastic is seen everywhere, and we continue to pile them up in our homes or in our trash. Reusing plastic bags is an issue that we all have to face as our oil is being used, the cost of trash grows, and as the landfills grow. 

Plastic bags are not biodegradable when the sunlight does not hit them. Plastic bags will degrade when the sunlight does hit them, but in the landfill, this does not happen. Therefore, what we must do is find more and more uses for the plastic bags that we have so that we are carefully using our resources and saving money at the same time.

What is the Difference Paper or Plastic?

  • Plastic bags have very sturdy handles, paper doesn’t or if they do they don’t last 
  • Plastic bags are waterproof; paper bags fall apart when they are wet
  • Plastic actually costs more to make than a paper bag so you pay more for them
  • Plastic does use as much natural resources as paper does
  • Plastic is very easy to store and it is light weight paper is bulky to store 
  • Plastic is biodegradable and so is paper, but in different manners 
  • Plastic can be harmful to birds or animals if they try to eat it

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