The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Useful plastic bag ideas

Do your garbage cans always smell terribly? You can use a plastic bag, fill it with pot potpourri, and then tape the bag shut. Make some very small holes in the bag and then tape it to the sides of the inside of the garbage can or to the lid of the garbage can for a longer fresh scent. 

You can cut up colored plastic bags and make pom poms for your children to play with. 

You can use cut up plastic bags and make hulla skirts for your kids to make Hawaiian skirts.

If you are having a party, you can cut up plastic bags and make confetti for the surprise party or the celebration 

Colored plastic bags can be cut up to make streamers you can hang from the ceiling

All types of plastic bags can be used to cut long strips from to make tails for kites. Everyone loves kites with all types of tails on them. 

If you are really creative you can use plastic bags to make a kite! There are all types of patterns that you can find, and lightweight plastic bags are durable enough to do the job the right way. 

If your children love loc blocks, you can keep all of their loc blocks in plastic bags so that all those little pieces don’t get lost as often. 

Papers that your children bring home from school can be kept in a plastic bag under their bed until the end of the school year and then you can ‘go through’ them and pick out the ones that you want to keep in their keepsake boxes. 

Curtains that you are not using right now can be folded and put over a hanger, then you slip a plastic bag over the hanger to keep the curtains from getting dusty while they are in storage.

If you want to store your curtains on a shelf, you can still put them in a plastic bag, folded nicely, and then tape the bag precisely over the curtains so that your curtains stay folded and are clean in storage. 

You can cut your plastic bags and make pretty colorful bows for packages. 

When you have various sizes of bags, you can cut your plastic bags into long strips and tie your gifts and packages together like it is ribbon. Very durable!

If you are shipping something through the mail services that you don’t want to get wet in the rain or snow you can wrap it in a plastic bag and then you can wrap it for mailing so your items are sure to stay dry!

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