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If you are saving coffee grounds or eggs shells or other goodies from the kitchen that you are going to put in the compost pile, you can use the plastic bag to hold all of this ‘stuff’ for a few days until you get a chance to run it to the compost pile or the garden area. 

Reduce the number of plastic bags that you are taking home with you by taking in your own paper bags that you have been saving over the last few months. This can cut down on the number of double bags that you need and you will save a few more pennies at the same time.

Make your plastic bags last longer by putting heavier items directly into the car instead of putting them into a plastic bag. 

If you use plastic and paper together for added strength when carrying groceries, you can continue to do this, but store your paper and plastic together so you can easily grab it and be on your way to the grocer store again!

Going out on a quick picnic or to the ballpark? You can put your food and drinks in a plastic bag and easily carry them along without worry of having to drag a cooler around.

Going to the swimming pool for the day? Leave the backpack behind and put your wet clothes in the plastic bag after you are done wearing them. If you take the backpack any how, take a plastic bag to put your wet suit and towel in and then put the bag in the backpack to prevent your other stuff from getting wet. 

Save money looking for canvas bags and purchase a few at your local thrift store or at a yard sale when you want to start using canvas bags for your shopping trips. 

If you are transporting something that is too large for your car or too large for the bed of your truck, be sure to tie a few white or colored plastic bags to the back of your item so that another vehicle won’t run into your item that is sticking out. 

Have a few baseball mitts that you are putting away for the winter? Put them in plastic bags before putting them into storage to help protect them from moisture, saving the leather that much longer.

Putting toys away for a season is easy when you put them in a plastic bag and then label it with a black marker. All you have to do is sort and hang them over a bar or set them on a shelf in the basement or attic and you are good to go for the next season - never any lost toys. 

Take a pair of socks and sew the two toes together. Stuff the socks with plastic bags that are cut up, shredded, or pushed into the sock. Sew the ends of the socks together and you have a great doorstop to keep air from getting under doors during the coldest weather.

Using the previous sock method, you can put this little sock stop behind doors on the floor. When the door is open, the doorknob is not going to be able to reach the wall behind it preventing it from leaving marks on the wall.

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