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Storing in the home

Are you having a hard time storing all those plastic bags until you find a use for them? Try some of these cute and inexpensive ideas for storing your plastic bags in the home, who knows what you will come up with for storing your plastic bags!

An empty tissue box – small or large, is an easy way to get those plastic bags out of your drawers and yet simple enough to sit on a shelf or in a drawer. For the larger boxes you can get about 30 or 40 plastic bags in a box on your shelf for reuse. 

If you have a Tupperware container with a lid that you don’t like to use in the kitchen anymore you can use this container to store your baggies in, and you will always know how many there are!

If you have any old paper towel rolls, you can put your plastic bags easily inside of this cardboard container. You can decorate the container or store it anywhere that is easy for you to get to. You can usually get at least twenty plastic bags into a paper towel roll. 

If you have the space, you can hang one plastic bag in the laundry room and then just keep stuffing all of your plastic bags into this one hanging bag so the plastic bags are easily accessible and always on hand. 

If you have a sock that doesn’t have a mate, you can tack this to the wall or simply put it in your cupboard and stuff it with plastic bags. Sometimes you will have one sock without a mate, and this is putting it to good use. You can fit any where from thirty to a hundred plastic bags in a sock, depending on how big your feet are and what type of sock that you are using. 

If you have an empty drawer, you can keep all of your plastic bags in a drawer. All you have to do is either lay them flat or keep putting the inside of each other so they don’t get tangled in the runs of the drawer as it opens and closers.

If you have a plastic bin, and an extra cupboard that opens in the bottom of your cupboards in the kitchen you can easily open the door and throw in the plastic bags as needed. Need a bag, reach in the cupboard and get one!

Little boxes, shelving with drawers or any type of little container that you can put plastic bags into are going to serve your purpose, and serve it well as you start collecting your little plastic bags. 

Be on the look out for fancy door hangers or crafts that you can make yourself, these usually include the latest design that are going to add to your kitchen décor and enable you to hide/ store those plastic bags as well!

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