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If you love to garden, plastic bags can be very useful for you. If you don’t have the right sized pot, you can keep your plants in a plastic bag for a few days until you can get the pot that you need. 

Container plants that leak can be controlled when you put a plastic bag under the pot to keep the water from flowing just everywhere. 

Plastic bags can keep powders and sprays that children shouldn’t be able to reach up high when you hang these items in a plastic bag from the ceiling.

Cut plastic bags apart and put them under the soil between the rows in your garden to keep weeds down. 

Plastic bags that are cut and opened are great for putting under rocks gardens to keep all types of weeds from coming up. 

If you want to spread fertilizer a little at a time, you can fill a plastic bag with fertilizer, poke a hole in the bottom and walk through the yard. This way you are spreading just a bit of fertilizer at a time and where you want. 

If you are going to cut out patterns using fabric and a thin film of a pattern, put a plastic bag between the material and the thin tissue paper so you can keep the pattern in place better with your pins while you are cutting. 

Keep all of your recyclable items sorted using handy plastic shopping bags that you can then carry to the recycling center without the added time of sorting again!

Store your border, wallpaper or extra decorating ‘things’ in plastic bags in the closets of the rooms where they belong. Have a problem with the wallpaper? A replacement piece is just steps away.

Hooks for curtains and drapes are easily kept together in a plastic bag while in storage in the attic or in the basement. Just put all your hooks together, tie it shut and store with your curtains. 

Do you like to change your tablecloths often? Here is how you can keep track of them all. Put your cleaned tablecloths over a plastic hanger and then cover with a clear bag. Keeps your table runners and table clothes clean and dust free while you can still which ones you have while they are in storage. 

Large plastic bags can be reused to cover patio furniture over the winter months so that your furniture stays in fresh and tip top shape for the next summer season. 

If your outdoor furniture needs a little pick me up, try adding a little stuffing of plastic bags to the cushions. Lasts longer than foam ever would!

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