The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Recycle, reuse, reduce

I can go on and on all day long about the reasons why you should be recycling and reusing your plastic bags, but you already know it because you made the choice to open and read this book. So letís get down to business and learn about the many ways that we can use those goodie bags that we get when we go shopping!

We do have the number one way to dispose of your bags, look for the plastic recycling barrels and containers that are located in so many communities, and near shopping centers. If you donít have the time to use your baggies creatively, recycle and put them back to use for your next shopping trip!

Take a handful of your plastic baggies to the store with you when you are going grocery shopping and reuse them as possible. In some stores you can even get xxx cents off your grocery bill when you bring your own bags for packing groceries! 

If you want to cut down on the number of plastic bags that end up in your home, start using woven or knit bags for carrying your groceries. While you may be purchasing a large amount, you can still have a number of bags, but you will find that these woven or knit bags last for weeks, months and sometimes even years. You can use these types of bags when you are shopping in the mall or in a retail center. Woven and knit bags are washable, easy to take care of even when you use them for months at a time!

Cut back on the number of bags that make it to your home by not having your soda, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent and the largest bottles or boxes that you purchase put into bags. These containers are sturdy enough you really donít need those baggies for these items.

Want to cut down on all types of bags that you use? Start using boxes when you are going for groceries or bulk items. You can easily put so much more in boxes, and boxes are still easily recyclable as well. You can get a few cardboard boxes from any grocery store or other retail store that you go to. 

No matter where you live or how many people are in your house, there are all types of plastic bags that you can reuse and recycle like sandwich bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, bread bags, cracker bags, cookies bags and the list goes on. You will find many uses for the many bags in your house in this book!

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