The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Recycle plastic shopping bags

You can practice making knots with plastic bags that you cut up into strips. 

If you are good at making knots, plastic bags can be made into macramé plant hangers using a little creative thought. 

Use plastic bags that are cut up into strips to protect items when you are moving. 

Use plastic bags that are scrunched up when you are shipping items to protect these things. 

Use cookie or bread bags to store homemade cookies, brownies and breads that you make in your home. 

Shopping bags are great lunch bags!

Wash out sandwich bags, turning them inside out so, they can dry and reuse them again in your lunch!

Do you have a little time on your hands? Cutting plastic into thin strips, you can weave your own welcome mat for your home or for gifts. 

If you like to knit, you can cut your plastic bags very thin and make a unique costume or rain jacket for your children or grandchildren. 

With a few slips of plastic, you can braid together a tie back for the curtains in your shower or for your bedroom. 

If you are low on plastic, to cover foods, that you are putting in the fridge, you can cut a plastic bag in half and cover your foods in a pinch. 

You can cover foods that you are taking to a party with a plastic bag so you don’t need to worry about getting your best Tupperware back. 

In a sticky, yucky mess and don’t have any gloves? Slip a plastic bag over your hands and take care of that mess quickly without getting your hands all gross.

Are you are traveler? Be sure to put your shampoo, soaps and other liquids in a sealed plastic bag so that you are sure not to have any on your clothes when you open up your travel bag. 

If you are going to a sporting event, be sure to put your fresh clothes in a plastic bag, so that no matter what happens you have a clean set of clothes to put on!

Want to pack shoes in your travel bag, put them in a plastic bag so that no dirt gets on your clothes while traveling.

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