The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Put it to work

Store extra towels and sheets in a plastic bag on high shelves for a fresh smell that you will really appreciate when you open that bag up!

If you have a leaky sink, you can line the under side of your side with a plastic bag to protect your wood from rotting until you get the chance to fix this leak.

When you are moving, you can stuff plastic bags into glasses to keep them from breaking while they are packed in boxes. 

When you are moving, you can put each plate into a plastic bag and then stack them on top of each other so that you put less stress on each plate, less likely to break plates that are protected. 

You can use plastic bags to protect pillows that you put into storage that are for special holidays and treasured times until you want to use them again. Simply put the pillow in the bag, tie it shut and you can store it in the basement, in the laundry room, or in the attic safely. 

If you have to use the laundry mat, you can use plastic bags to sort and carry your clothes to the laundry and then when you are taking them back home. As you are drying the clothes and sorting them out to which family member the clothes belong to by putting them into their own separate bags, this makes it so easy to put clothes away when you get home!

Take a few baggies with you when you go on vacation so you can keep trash gathered up in the car during that long car ride. 

When you go shopping, take a few bags with you so you donít have to bring more bags home with you after you are finished shopping.

Keep an extra set of clothes in a plastic bag that you tie shut, in the car for when your child has an accident and needs a change. 

Cut back on the number of bags that you bring home by asking the cashier to put more in the bags that can still fit more goodies in them. 

Carry large travel bags when you are shopping at retail stores. This makes it easy to put your purchases in the bag without having to take another plastic bag home with you. You can keep your purse, sweater and so much more in this bag while you are shopping!

Check around your local city for stores that will give you cents off your purchase when you bring your own bag. Over the course of a year, you can find a real savings!

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