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Protective plastic bag ideas

Do you have a hard time keeping up on the laundry? Put your most delicate items in a plastic bag when you throw it in the laundry so you are sure not to wash these items with the other laundry items preventing them from shrinking or getting by unnoticed. 

Stuffed animals that have been losing their stuffing can be filled with cut up plastic bags and sewn back together so these items will keep their shape nicely and can be played with for years to come. 

Do you have electrical items that you want to keep from being covered with dust or dirt when not in use? Cover your electrical items with a plastic bag, and then just uncover when you are ready to use them.

Cover your grill with a plastic bag, a garbage bag, over the winter months to keep it from rusting. 

There are many creative uses for plastic bags: 

  • You can weave a small purse
  • You can weave a bathmat
  • You can make head bands or belts
  • Make a carry bag for your groceries!
  • Wreaths and ornaments can be made from colorful plastic bags 
  • Plastic bags make a great way to carry those Halloween treats when you are on the go. 

Plastic bags make a great kit for holding all of your first aid kit things all in one spot when you are camping, in the house, in the garage or in the car. 

When you have run out of hangers for your ornaments on the tree, you can cut little strips of plastic, glue this to the ornaments and then hang on the tree.

If you are on your way out the door and want to put stuff in the fridge fast, you can put any sized bowl or pan in a plastic bag that fits!

If you are thawing meat in the fridge or on the counter, put the meat in a plastic bag while thawing so that the blood from the meat doesn’t run all over the counter or in the fridge and make a huge mess. 

Do you have really rough feet? You can put Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your feet and then put plastic bags over your feet. Letting your feet soak in the Vaseline all night long is going to make them softer.

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