The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Plastic bags can keep you organized

Keep your lettuce or cabbage in a plastic bag that is sealed shut to prevent your vegetables from getting limpy too quickly. 

If you like to keep many belts in your closet, you can keep them, all in a plastic bag and hung over a hanger so you always know where they are 

Your nylons and tights can all be kept in a plastic bag and then hung over a hanger so they donít take up as much space in your dresser. Always within reach and you, know exactly what your choices are.

Use your plastic bags to create creative bags for your children. Making up activity bags for rainy days always leaves you with great ideas for the children when they are bored the most. 

Use your plastic bags to save items that you want to give away to friends and families so you donít just pitch them away, but you save these goodies for someone else. 

If you delivery newspapers, you can wrap the newspapers in a plastic bag when it is raining outside to keep the papers from getting wet when you deliver them. 

To clean silk flowers, put your flowers in a bag, add a cup of salt and then shake.  This is a great way to reuse your bags and clean your silk flowers at the same time. 

Negatives can be saved in a plastic bag, all in one location to protect them from the moisture of where they are stored. 

You can keep all of your clothes pins in one location when you tie a plastic bag to the clothes line and then insert all of your little pins. Keep the rain from getting to your clothes pins and makes them last longer. 

You can fill a plastic bag with bird feed, hang it on a tree and cut tiny holes in the bag so that the birds can get to the feed that falls on the ground.

You can use a plastic bag to take a few days worth of dog or cat food to the pet sitter when you are going on vacation instead of taking the big bag!

Keep dough or clay from drying out by storing it in a plastic bag. 

Cut plastic bags apart to make dolls or other items that the children can color or paint and put on the walls in the playroom. 

If your children love playing with those tiny little people, like plastic soldiers, you can keep them all together in a plastic bag.

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