The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Plastic bags are handy

When you are taking down Xmas lights, putting each strand in its own plastic bag is going to keep your Xmas lights from getting all tangled together. 

You can keep our holiday decorations separated easily by putting them in plastic bags, taping them or tying them shut and then labeling them for what holiday they are used for. You can hang these bags from the ceiling by the handles or you can put them on a shelf for easy use.

If you have windows in the basement or in the attic that are losing heat during the summer months, you can take a few plastic bags and stuff them into the cracks where the air keeps coming through. 

Your favorite photos can be held tight in a plastic bag until you have the time to sort through them, and the moisture won’t ‘get’ to them. 

Books that you want to keep in the basement or attic can be kept fresh and moisture free when you wrap them in plastic bags for storage. 

CDs and DVDs can easily be stacked and kept in a plastic bag for storage. When you don’t use certain disks for a while, they can become susceptible to moisture or water problems – but wrapping your disks in a plastic bag you will ensure that your disks will be safe much longer!

Like to keep your cook books in the kitchen? You can keep your cookbooks looking great and moisture free when you store them in your cupboards in plastic bags. The plastic bags keep the moisture out from cooking and the changing seasons.

Let your children have a few plastic bags when they insist on taking their spikes or running shoes to school to keep the mud off of other books and apparel. 

Do you often find that you leave your fresh flowers in your vases too long and the inside of the vases get all slimy and are hard to clean? If you have a clear plastic bag, you can put this inside of the vase, fill the bag with water and then put your fresh flowers in the vase. When your flowers are done, pull out the bag of water and your vase is crystal clean!

If you like to collect seashells, take a plastic bag to the beach. It is easy to carry and you can fit many seashells in your shopping size plastic bag!

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