The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Personal uses for shopping bags

Hold all of your barrettes and hair clips in a plastic bag under the bathroom sink so you always know where they are.

When cleaning fans and exhaust vents that are above your head, keep a plastic bag handy so you can put the dirt right in to the bag. 

Cut plastic bags into strips and put them on the handlebars of bikes for little girls.

If you have a few long paper towel holders, you can add cut strips of plastic bags to either end and make your children a fancy twirler that will keep them busy for hours. 

Use plastic strips of bags on electric fences to keep children back. 

Use plastic strips of bags to put in books or magazines that you are not finished with

Plastic bags are great when traveling and someone is carsick!

Use your largest plastic bags to put over suits and dresses that you wear only occasionally to keep them getting dusty. 

When storing your large plastic or pine cone wreaths, just slip a plastic bag over the wreath and it will stay dust free during the off seasons. 

If you are cutting hair, you can slip a large plastic bag over the head, cut a hole, and slip down over the shoulders. This keeps all the hair off the person when cutting. 

For shoes and purses that you donít use that often, you can stuff them with plastic bags so that they will keep their shape while in storage. 

If you are known to explode your potatoes in the microwave, be sure to cut the potatoes with a fork, insert into a plastic bag, and leave the bag open. This keeps the mess contained.

Does your family have a hard time with covering messy foods in the microwave? For reheating foods, the heaver types of plastic bags can be put in the microwave to keep the mess to a minimum for short times. 

If you have an office full of supplies, you can keep your extra envelopes and extra tapes for the adding machine in plastic bags in the top of the closet. They wonít get dusty and it is all within reach. 

If you have a few pairs of sunglass that you want to keep for next summer season, you can wrap them in plastic bags, and put your sunscreens or others summer goodies wrapped in plastic bags and put them all up on the attic so next year you know exactly where your summer stuff is.

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