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Plastic bags can be cut into strips and then woven to make rugs for any where in the home, office or garage. 

Toys that are kept outdoors can be put into plastic bags and then into storage on the deck or patio so you donít lose all the pieces, so that these toys donít rust and so that you can easily find what the kids want to play with any time. 

Satin shoes that are only worn on special occasions can be kept together in a plastic bag in the closet Ė this keeps the shoes together and dust free so they are always colorful and never dingy looking.

Small plastic bags are wonderful for keeping your medications or pills organized when you are traveling or on the run for the day without having to take the entire bottle with you. 

Plastic bags can be used to make sail boat sails for children to play with. 

Plastic bags can be used to make your horse tail stronger and fashioned when you are entering into the horse contest by braiding in the plastic to the hair. 

Binders of photos, clippings, stamps or coins can be kept moisture free when you put your binders into plastic bags for storage. 

Orange bags stuffed with other plastic bags make great pumpkin decorations. 

White plastic bags stuffed with other plastic bags make ghosts you can hang during those scary parties or for Halloween. 

Cutting plastic bags in thick long strips, you can make a Halloween mummy costume that is great for any adult party. 

Ribbons and bows can be made from plastic bags for decorating for spring, for a wedding or for a birthday party. 

If you have a chain link fence that is a little hard to see, you can tie plastic bag strips in the chain links so it is easily seen during any time of the night.

If your tomatoes, flowers or other plants in the garden are falling over, you can tie a strip of plastic bag to a stake for help in growing this type of plant. 

Want to put your hair up bunch donít have a hair tie? Use a piece of plastic bag and tie your hair into place quick and without worry. 

Bread your meats fast by putting your bread crumbs in a plastic bag, putting the meat in and then shaking until it is coated.

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