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Plastic bags come in all types of sizes, colors, and thickness. There are blue, orange, black, clear, white and every other color of the rainbow to be found available in plastic bags. Think about this: you can purchase an item in the mall, in the fruit market, or in the grocery store and most often you are going to be given a plastic bag to carry your purchase home in. What do you do with all of them?

Plastic bags are most often manufactured from a high-density polyethylene, which are forms of gas. Polyethylene is manufactured from butane, propane and this mixture is then a liquid gas that is used to create plastic. You will sometimes see the words high-density polyethylene referred to as HDPE. The liquid gas mixture that is used to make plastic bags is referred to as LPG. 

What might really amaze you is that it takes tons of the plastic film, over 30 tons, to make enough bags for just one year that is used in just any one country. This number is staggeringly higher when you combine all of the countries in the world and the number of purchases that are even made on a daily basis! That total is a huge amount of natural resources that are being used on throw away bags, carry bags, and bags that contain items that you purchase every day..

In the US alone, there are over 4 billion bags used per year! How many bags does your household bring in during the course of your grocery shopping for a week, a month or a year? You can see how easily it all adds up and why reusing is needed.

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