The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Handy uses

Plastic shopping bags are easily used to line your trash containers in the bathroom, in the playroom or in the bedroom. Anywhere that you have a small wastebasket you can use these plastic bags for garbage.

Donít have enough bags to wrap you meat in the freezer? You can put the meat in the freezer in the wrapping that came from the butcher, and then wrap a shopping bag or two around that wrap. This keeps your meat from getting freezer burned until you are able to use it or wrap it in another type of freezer bag.

You can take your plastic bags to the fruit market and carry your fruit home, without having to worry about purchasing bags at the market. 

Line the drawers in your fridge with the plastic bags that you get from shopping so that the juices from some of your fruit donít stain your drawers. You can easily change this plastic anytime you think it is getting to dirty. 

Do you have something that you made for supper that is really greasy and you donít want to put that grease down the drain? All you have to do is dump the grease in a plastic bag, tie it shut, and then double bag it. Keeps the grease from leaking all through your garbage, and you donít have to worry about putting it down the drain. 

Have you made something for supper that you just know is going to stink up the house when you put it in the garbage? Put one of those plastic bags to use by wrapping up that yucky food and then throwing it away. While you are still throwing the bag away, at least you are putting it to good use. 

You can wash out plastic bags, hang them to air dry and use them to store items that you donít want to get wet or moldy when storing them in the basement. Books, papers, materials, and even clothes can be put into your plastic bags and then tied shut or taped shut and stored with confidence.

You can use plastic bags to line your trashcans, but donít throw away the plastic liner unless it was a real mess to make your plastic bags last all that much longer. 

Do you collect jars, buttons, or other little things that you like to store in the attic? You can store all of this easily by putting these goodies in a plastic bag and then tying the bag up. Putting your stuff in the attic is easy when you mark what is really in them by marking the bags with a thick black marker. 

Store those winter boots in the attic or on a shelf without losing mates by putting a pair of boots or shoes in the bag and then on the shelf during those long months when they are not in use.

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