The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Handy tips for shopping bags

As your vast gardens are dying off in the fall months, you and your children can run through the gardens and collect seed head in plastic bags so you can save them for the next growing season!

Make an emergency bag for your car, in the garage or in the basement. What you need to do is take a plastic bag, put in your flashlight, batteries or whatever you want / need in your emergency bag like gloves, a flare etc, and then tie it shut and put in your car or hang in your garage for when you need it most. Everything will be in a neat little package.

If you are going hunting or walking in the woods, or even camping, you can keep your flashlight, matches, and batteries in a closed plastic bag so even if it rains you will have a dry light and fire. 

Keep your umbrella readily available in a plastic bag in the garage, in the car or just about anywhere when you put it in a plastic bag and then you put it where you need it most. This keeps the little metal pieces from being bent when it is not in use. 

You can take plastic bags to the video store and ask them if they would like to reuse them for their customers, to protect their videos when they are being rented or sold. 

Take your plastic bags to the library so that the library can suggest users protect their books when they are running in the rain or in the snow. 

If you have a real pile of plastic shopping bags, you can take them to the thrift store or to the food pantry for donation. These types of store pinch as many pennies as they can and will welcome all types and sizes of plastic or paper bags for that matter. 

You can cut plastic bags to make a quick apron when you are cooking something that is very messy.

You can cut plastic bags to make quick bibs for when your family is eating ribs or lobster to control the greasy mess. 

If your children are looking for a quick fix for those pants that donít fix you can make a belt out of a plastic bag to keep those pants up. 

Going out in the snow or rain but donít have boots? After your socks, slip a few small plastic bags on your feet and then put your tennis shoes on. This keeps your feet drier longer so you can stay outside as long as possible. 

Walking the dog in the park? Take along a few plastic bags and scoop your poop into the plastic bags for easy disposal you donít have to mess with.

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