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Plastic Bag Users
Unless you are already conserving and recycling, you are using plastic bags daily or weekly in your shopping experiences. What do you do with all the plastic bags you ‘get’ after you unload your purchases in your home? Most of us do sadly throw them into the garbage, but using this book, you can now take part in recycling your plastic bags, put your bags to further use, and save money all the while.

This about this: just one small shop in the mall will give away about 30,000 plastic bags every year. Take this number and multiply it by the number of stores in the mall, in just one city, and you can see how fast the number of plastic bags, and the materials to make these plastic bags are growing every year. Your local grocery store possibly gives away over 300 million shopping bags per year for the groceries that are carried out that door. That is a lot of plastic, that is a lot of liquid gas, and that is a huge number of bags to even think about!

What does a Plastic Bag Cost?
Just one small plastic bag that you get from the grocery store will cost the seller of the products about 4-5 cents. How do they continually pay for the thousands, even the millions of bags that they use in their stores yearly? You end up paying for those bags that are being sold, it is all included in the purchase price of items that you buy in the store that uses plastic bags for products sold. So imagine saving 4-5 cents on every bag that you need, from your entire order over the year – it all adds up!

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