The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Don't throw them away

Cats in the house? Use your plastic shopping bags to scoop out the cat poop and pitch it quickly and while containing the smell all the while. 

Fighting little bugs and pests in the house? Keep your cereal or open containers in a plastic bag until you get the pests under control. This works well with keeping cockroaches and ants out of your cereals and rice. 

Getting in the shower but you donít want to get your hair wet? Put a plastic bag over the top portion of your hair so you wonít get it wet.

Dying your hair and need to cover it? You can wrap your hair with the plastic bag with out worrying about getting dye over your clothing or other things in the house!

Always be careful with a plastic bag and your head. Children should never play with plastic bags. 

Do you problems keeping your dog brushes or your dog toys? Keep all of your goodies together in a little plastic bag and keep it hanging in your basement for easy access. 

If you have a pile of leaves that you need to get rid of, put your leaves in a few plastic bags so you can take them to the compost pile without losing them. 

You can take a plastic bag and walk along the road and pick up the garbage in your neighborhood for a Ďcleaní walk. 

Do you like to buy scented candles often? Keep your candles smelling great longer by storing them in plastic bags until you are ready to use them. The scent is trapped in the plastic and will stay fresher until you want them. 

You can make sachets of plastic and your favorite scents by putting little holes in the plastic and then hanging them in any closet or under any furniture in the house. 

Bath beads are easily stores in a plastic bags where they wonít leak onto other items in your bathroom closet, plus this keeps them smelling fresher longer.

If you are purchasing any type of flower during the coldest days of the year, putting a plastic covering over the flowers while you go from the house to the car will keep them fresher and frost free. 

Want to make scrambled eggs when you are camping but donít have a bowl? Put your ingredients into a plastic bag, shake, and pour into the pan. 

If you are planting and the holes in the pots are too big, put a few pieces of cut up plastic in the bottom of a container to hold dirt in the container without the mess.

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