The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Crafty ideas

Going to the thrift shop and want to try on a few pairs of shoes but you donít want to stick your foot in without cleaning them. Use a plastic bag to stick your foot in the shoes you want to try on. 

If you have a few colorful bags, you can cut the plastic bags into strips, weave them into your hair, and your hair will stay in longer because it will be stiffer.

Do you want to curl your hair? Take long strips of plastic bags, roll your hair or braid your hair while it is wet and then go to bed with this in. In the morning when you take your hair out it will be all curly and ready to go. 

Have you broken your leg or arm? You can put your cast in a plastic bag and still take a shower. All you have to do is tape the ends of the plastic bag together so that water will not get in and wet your cast. 

Do you like to take chips or popcorn to work everyday? You can reuse the same plastic bags every day without having to wash them out. Saves money and resources

Do you want to make a pillow? Cut a bunch of plastic bags up and fill your material with this plastic. It will keep its shape much longer than filling will. 

If you are keeping pillows in the playroom, you can take the pillow, cover it with plastic, and be sure to sew the edges together! Ė Then put the pillowcase over it. As an added protection, hand stitch a few stitches in the pillowcase so that there is no way, the children can get the pillowcase off and then get the plastic off. This will keep pillows lasting longer through spills and bed wetting problems that children can have. 

Donate a few plastic bags to your local day care so that providers can send home wet or soiled clothes when children have accidents. 

Carry a few plastic bags in the diaper bag so you can dispose of diapers no matter where you are without the added smell that diapers can leave behind.

If you use cloth diapers, plastic bags in the diaper bag will ensure that you can take the diapers home without a mess or smell. 

If you donít like the moisture that ice packs add to your lunch, put your ice pack in a plastic bag, and then put it in your lunch box. The plastic bag keeps condensation from ruining your sandwich. 

If you like to buy fresh bread and put it in the freezer, putting an extra layer of plastic, using another plastic bag over the bread bag will keep your bread fresher longer in the freezer.

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