The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Be creative and useful

Want a creative way to toss your salad Ė use a plastic bag, cut up all of your ingredients, mix and then put in to your bowls! All your veggies will be mixed in well with the lettuce. 

Want to weed the garden when you have a few minutes before work but donít want to get your hands all green or slimy? Put a plastic bag on each of your hands and get a few minutes worth of weeding done quick without the mess. 

Love that look of puffy curtains in your home or office? Just use a few scrunched up plastic bags, insert them in the creases of your drapes or curtains and the plastic bags will add so much to the puffiness of your curtains you will just love it.

Sending the kids off to the pool or the playground for the day? Use a plastic bag and put all their snacks in this bag. They wonít forget to bring anything home and they will have everything they need for their day out!

Reuse your heaviest plastic bags for storing sweaters, blankets and special clothing in the attic for other seasons. Just wrap the item, tape it heavily shut and then write on the bag with a black marker so you know exactly what is in the bag. 

If you love to go berry picking, take a few plastic bags with you on your walk. This is an easy way to collect berries as the handles are easy to grasp and the bag is very lightweight. 

Take a few plastic bags out to the garden when you want to collect your fruits or vegetables for dinner. This is easier than putting them in your pockets or trying to get enough hands to collect everything at one time! No mess with the dirt that may be on the vegetables as all the excess soil is in the bag. 

Are you going to a baseball game in the middle of the rain? Put plastic bags over the outside of your shoes to keep your shoes from getting so muddy!

Storing fans is easy all winter long. Fans that you use in the summer time can be covered with a plastic bag and then put in the attic or the basement for next summer so they are kept clean and dust free. 

If you ran out of flour when you are rolling cookies, you can take a plastic bag, lay it out flat on the counter and roll your cookies. Just lift the bag and the cookies come right off. 

If you enjoy making your own bread crumbs you can use a plastic bag to hang and dry out your bread, to crush your bread crumbs and to store your bread crumbs or stuffing that you have made for when you want to use it for dinner later.

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