The handy plastic grocery bag Recycle and re-use

Alternatives to throwing bags away

Have you been painting in the house, but had to stop and take care of something else? Slip a plastic bag over the paintbrush to keep it fresh for hours. You can also cover the entire paint pan with a plastic bag to keep your paint in the pan ready to use without the hassle of having to empty it out. 

Donít have time to clean your paintbrush right now? Wrap your paintbrush in a plastic bag until you have the chance to clean out your brushes the right way.

Store your aluminum cans in plastic bags so you can recycle both the plastic and the aluminum when you get to the center. 

If you save newspapers for recycling, store your newspapers in plastic bags, so you will be working on recycling both at the same time!

Weaving a few plastic bags together you can make a good mat for kneeling on when working in the garden. 

Gather worms for fishing in a plastic bag. 

Let the children gather leaves from the woods in a plastic bag and then when they bring them back you can make a fall picture of all the goodies that they have collected. 

Make your own ice, using a plastic bag and your ice cube trays for those long hot summer days or nights, when you need to stock the ice chest for a picnic. 

Are you going to the drive in movies? Make your own popcorn and let the kids have a ball munching on popcorn so you donít have to buy as much at the movies. 

Store rags in a plastic bag that you use for oiling your wood furniture so it wonít stain your other clothes or get in with your rags you use for cleaning other things.

Put a plastic bag under the car in the garage when you are changing the oil to keep the oil from dripping on the concrete floor. 

Keep the salt that you use for on the sidewalks in a small plastic bag by the door during the winter instead of keeping that large bag or bucket which is heavy to move and use all winter long. 

Put a few plastic bags on the ground when you are changing your car tires and you donít have the time to change your clothes. This protects your knees and your clothes from getting too dirty.

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